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ISO 14064 Training - Carbon Footprint / GHG Accounting - Virtual Technical Workshop



This International Standard is expected to benefit entities,governments, project proponents and stakeholders worldwide by providing clarityand consistency for quantifying, communicating and verifying greenhouse gasesgenerated during a product’s life cycle

Specifically, this standard will:

Provide further requirements for the methods to be adoptedin assessing the Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP)

Assist in the creation of efficient and consistentprocedures to provide CFP information to interested parties

Enhance the GHG accounting for life cycle emission greatestpotential for reductions of GHG

Enhance the credibility, consistency, and transparency of quantificationof products GHG emission and removal

Allow entities to identify and understand risks andopportunities associated with value chain emissions

Facilitate the evaluation of alternative product design andsourcing options, production and manufacturing methods, raw material choices, recyclingand other end of life stages,

Facilitate the development and implementation of Product GHGmanagement strategies and plans;

Increase investor confidence;

Engage suppliers , consumers and other value chain partnersin GHG management and sustainability;

Enhance stakeholder information and corporate reputationthrough public reporting

Provide guidance to Organization who wish to communicate aCFP

Who the course is for

Understand the Kyoto Protocol;and post Copenhagen development in the field of Climate Change;

Greenhouse Gases – GWP, sources, sinks, removals, etc;

GHG quantification, monitoring and reporting, including GHG project emission reductions and removal enhancements;

Preparation of GHG report, verification statement for the GHG assertion;

Preparing for third party verification

The course uses a mixture of tutored sessions, but mainly practical exercises and discussions to achieve its above stated objectives. The practical exercises are sampled from real projects covering different sectors like Wind, Biomass, Hydropower, Energy Efficiency & Textile, etc. The practical exercises have been carefully designed to focus on issues that commonly emerge during the GHG assertion.

Course Contents

Environmental Issues / Climate Change

IPCC Database on Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors

Understand the ISO 14064 standard

GHG Emission Calculations samples

GHG report preparation

Verification/assertion of GHG Accounts.

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