SEMS Practitioner - 3 Days, 2.5 CEUs



  • Define the purpose of SEMS II
  • Describe the organizational structure and the 17 elements of SEMS II
  • Demonstrate application of the SEMS II requirements by completing the practical application exercises throughout the course.
  • Demonstrate the proper use of the SEMS toolkit. 
  • Describe the relation between SEMS and the API Q2 Specification. 
  • Define the SEMS Auditor Program Requirements

Who the course is for

This course is intended for personnel who require additional an in-depth knowledge on the SEMS Regulations and program requirements.  It is intended for personnel who have responsibility to implement or manage a portion of their SEMS or work processes.  While the course is designed for Operators, the Service Supply Organizations, including Drilling Contractors and Service Providers who work offshore would benefit from this program in order to comply with their Operator contractual requirements.  The following functions would also benefit from this course:  Operations, Drilling Managers, Offshore Management Personnel, HSE; Quality; Engineering; Contracts; Auditors; Training Department.  

Course Contents

The Safety and environmental management systems (SEMS II) course is designed to include practical applications and case studies to provide opportunities for authentic assessment and demonstration of the participants' knowledge and skills around the application of the requirements.  This is the first program that shows the relationship between SEMS for the Operator and API Q2 for the Service Supply Organization. 
  • Define the purpose of SEMS II
  • Describe the organizational structure 
  • List events leading to the development of SEMS II
  • Define the 17 elements of SEMS II
  • Describe the requirements for management responsibility
  • List the applicable SEMS II requirements 
  • Describe how to prepare for SEMS II internal audits
  • Describe how to monitor and track corrective actions
  • Use tools for organizing, scheduling, coordinating and managing your SEMS program and the SEMS internal audit process
  • Illustrate how an Operator can increase compliance with the application of API Q2 for the Service Supply Organizations operating under contract. 
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