SEMS Generalist - 1 day, 0.8 CEU



  • Define the purpose of SEMS II
  • Describe the organizational structure and the 17 elements of SEMS II
  • Demonstrate application of the SEMS II requirements by completing the practical application exercises throughout the course.

Who the course is for

This course has been developed for all personnel in the Upstream Service Sector for the Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry to comply with BSEE SEMS requirements.  It is intended for those who have responsibility for their Safety, Environmental & Management Systems (SEMS).  The course was designed for Operators, Drilling Contractors and Service Providers. 

Course Contents

The Safety and environmental management systems (SEMS II) course is designed to include an overview of the SEMS requirements as well as case studies to increase SEMS awareness and knowledge.  This is the first program that shows the relationship between SEMS for the Operator and API Q2 for the Service Supply Organization. 

  • Define the purpose of SEMS II
  • Describe the organizational structure 
  • List events leading to the development of SEMS II
  • Define the 17 elements of SEMS II
  • Describe the requirements for management responsibility
  • List the applicable SEMS II requirements

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