Procedure and Process Writing - 2.5 days, 2.0 CEUs



  • Analyze a procedure and process effectiveness against its results. 
  • Demonstrate how to properly assess a job/task/activity and identify its critical to quality and safety aspects. 
  • Develop an effective written procedure and process that demonstrates the procedure & process controls.
  • Demonstrate how to effectively use visuals during the procedure/process writing. 
  • Recite the controls for establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining and monitoring organizational procedures and processes.   

Who the course is for

This program is designed for any person who is responsible to establish, document, review or revise workplace procedures or processes.  The following would benefit from this program: engineers, operations, Human Resources, Quality, HSE, and other support functions. 

Course Contents

Rated as one of the top procedure/process development courses in Industry.  As the business grows more complex, the supporting processes are equally complex. When processes are either undocumented or when they are poorly written, its present risk to your organization and your clients. 
This business procedure writing workshop helps you write and edit user-friendly procedures that lead to higher quality, fewer errors, and greater compliance with regulatory bodies.

In this workshop, you will learn to:
Assess your existing procedures and set goals for improvement
Analyze end-user needs and determine how the procedures will be used
Clarify the objective of each procedure
Use a consistent framework to build your content quickly
Write clear, easy-to-follow steps using an action-oriented style
Choose the best format and layout, so readers grasp concepts quickly
Test (vet) your procedures to ensure users can follow them correctly
Edit and proofread to ensure there is no ambiguity
Incorporate visuals into the text of your procedures

The practical application exercises are interactive and show both ineffective and at-risk procedures and effective procedures. 

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