On-site course on RC14001® Internal Auditor Training



  • Upon successful completion, attendees will be able to:
  • Conduct an internal RC14001® audit
  • Use a positive audit approach that seeks to add-value
  • Identify audit criteria for the organization that goes beyond RC14001®
  • Develop a customized checklist unique to the organization to be audited
  • Use document review, interviews and observation to collect objective evidence
  • Audit clause-by-clause and recognize RCMS themes for auditing
  • Evaluate the organization’s status relative to each requirement of RC14001®
  • Communicate findings in a clear and useful way

Who the course is for

This course has been developed by Bureau Veritas Training to assist organizations in developing or improving the competence of their internal auditors to conduct Responsible Care Management Systems® audits relative to the requirements of RC14001®:2015.

Course Contents

  • A clause-by-clause review and interpretation of RC14001® standard
  • Commentary on Bureau Veritas interpretations
  • Auditing RC14001®
  • A clause-by-clause review of how to audit RC14001®
  • Also, an introduction to RC14001 linkages and themes including:
  • Regulatory compliance, significant aspects, views of interested parties, documentation and procedures, and continual improvement
  • Audit theory, tools and skills
  • A discussion of how internal audits may be approached to add value to an organization
  • Detailed presentation and practice with focus on developing auditing skills in audit preparation, checklist development, document review, interviewing, observation and reporting

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