LIVE WEBINAR: Introduction to ISO 27001 Information Security MS



The course will discuss:

  • Understanding of the Information Security concepts
  • Structure of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard
  • Detailed clause by clause overview of ISO 27001 ISMS standard 
  • Overview of Risk Assessment for Information Security 
  • Overview of 114 controls of Annexure A of ISO 27001 ISMS standard 
  • Key organizational issues and considerations for implementation 
  • Benefits of ISO 27001 ISMS
  • ISO 27001 Certification Process 

Who the course is for

Professionals in charge of ensuring Cyber Security in your organization.

Course Contents

What is Information Security?

ISO 27001 is an International Standard for ‘Information Security’ that specify requirements for establishing an organization-wide Information Security Management System for the protection of IT infrastructure and organization's valuable and critical information including financial, technical, proprietary or customer information.


Why is Information Security important?

Based upon a formal Security Risk Management program, it facilitates the organizations to identify, assess, measure and monitor the security risks and accordingly establishes Information Security policies, procedures and sets international best practices that reduce the probability of internal and external attacks on Information Assets and/or limit the damage caused by an inadvertent or malicious incident. 

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