IMS Quality – 9001/API Q2 - 3 days, 2.5 CEUs



Summarize the history and importance of ISO 9001. -Define scope, statutory & regulatory requirements, and key definitions in to the standard. -Discuss the context of an organization. -Describe leadership requirements to a QMS. -Discuss the actions to address risks and opportunities for QMS planning. -Discuss the support requirements and their importance to a QMS. -Discuss operation requirements. -Discuss performance evaluation and it’s importance. -Recognize improvement requirements. -Summarize an overview of the history and background of API Spec Q2. -Define key terminology, the relation of the vocabulary to the specification, and allowable exclusions. -Describe the basic requirements of a management system. -Describe the elements of section 5 of API Spec Q2. -Describe the focus of customer satisfaction as it relates to API Spec Q2

Who the course is for

This course is intended for personnel who require additional knowledge on the alignment between ISO 9001 Standard and API Q2 Specification. It is intended for all personnel who have responsibility to implement or manage a portion of their internal management system or work processes. It is intended for all personnel who work in Quality, HSE, and Operations Supervision. The following functions would also benefit from this course: Human Resources, Demand Management (Planning); Finance; HSE; Quality; Engineering; Contracts; Sales & Commercial; Business Development; Auditors; Training Department; Managers, Supervisors and Leads.

Course Contents

The course the Body of Knowledge (BOK) for both API Q2 and ISO 9001, including: scope; exclusion; documentation; organizational resource requirements; contract review, planning, risk management, design & development, contingency, procurement, service execution, service performance validation, calibration, nonconformance’s management of change, internal audits, management review, etc.. In addition, this course shows the dependencies, overlaps and differences between the API Q2 and ISO 9001 and how to seamlessly integrate the two quality management system standards into an integrated management system.
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