TL 9000 Release 6.2 Process and Added Value Internal Auditing - 3 Days



At the conclusion of this course, successful attendees will have been provided with:

  • A thorough understanding of the ISO 9001 and TL 9000 Release 5.5 Requirements, Measurements, Standards, Product Categories and their intent
  • An understanding of the continual improvement aspects of the quality management system and where to apply them 
  • The ability to link organizational objectives and TL metrics to process and sub-process objectives for review and continual improvement
  • Knowledge of corrective action and basic problem solving principles using tools such as PDCA, variation, fishbone diagrams, and “5 Why” analysis
  • Knowledge of the principles of process auditing
  • An understanding of the need for clear knowledge of the organizations defined processes, their sequence and interaction
  • The ability to prioritize audit trails where they are needed most, based on process performance and risk
  • The ability to plan, conduct and report process based audit activity
  • The importance of meeting customer and QuEST requirements and achieving customer satisfaction
  • Real world knowledge and examples from some of our most experienced auditors

Who the course is for

This course is designed for organization leaders who want to use TL 9000 to drive business excellence, for Internal auditors, and for third-party auditors who want to certify or maintain qualifications for TL 9000 audits, implementation and consulting.

Course Contents

  • The Process Approach to business management 
  • The Deming Cycle (PDCA) and problem solving
  • Understanding and effectively auditing the intent of ISO 9001, TL 9000 and use of ISO 9004
  • Customer satisfaction measurement, how to evaluate and audit the activity
  • Where and how to evaluate and apply continual improvement in all processes
  • Planning, conducting and reporting on the process audit
  • Identification and reporting of non-conformances in the process audit
  • Evaluating corrective actions for root cause and effectiveness
  • Auditing techniques including effective auditing of management
  • Review of Product Category tables and usage


None, however, a familiarity with ISO 9001 standard will be beneficial

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