Power of Brand - Measure your Intangible Assets to Enhance Sustainability and Growth



This, first-of-its-kind certificate course, will help leaders navigate complex decision making in the fast growing segment of intangible assets and Brand equity. The program was pioneered by Avasta Inc., and with their precision market insights and next generation business analytics,  will teach business and brand leaders how to accurately evaluate and measure the value, strength, and performance of their Brand as an emerging critical asset by utilizing the recently published  ISO 20671:2019 Brand Evaluation Standard.  

Who the course is for

Brand Managers, Financial Brand Analysts and Marketing Leaders

Course Contents

Through Bureau Veritas’ Power of Brand  training course, Bureau Veritas and Avasta identified a gap in financial brand measurement training that we chose to fill with this course in enterprise training and certification. The completion of this course will enable Brand Managers, Financial Brand Analysts and Marketing leaders to identify opportunities that will enhance a company's intangible asset value, including Brand. With the accelerating digital economy, companies are increasingly shifting to a customer-experience driven business model. Understanding where value lies in the business, and the potential that exists in the market, is crucial when building sustainable businesses today.  The release of this Standard along with corresponding training is a breakthrough for industry, and empowers companies to build this expertise in-house.