ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 Integrated Awareness - Virtual Classroom 3 days



At the conclusion of this course attendees will have been provided with:
  • An understanding of the High-Level Structure of ISO standards, affording the points of integration
  • An understanding of the philosophy behind, and the project management strategy to achieve user input to the development & implementation process
  • An understanding of the reason for and the steps associated with implementation
  • An appreciation of the implications for an organization contemplating management systems implementation/integration
  • An introduction to the process approach and methodology
  • Knowledge to discern Environmental Impacts and Aspects
  • Basic knowledge of Health & Safety issues
  • An appreciation for Risk Analysis processes

Who the course is for

This course is intended for all personnel within the organization from Top Management to the lower levels, so that all can understand the part they will play in implementing and maintaining an integrated management system.

Course Contents

This course instruction includes:

  • ISO standards requirements, concepts, terms and definitions
  • Bureau Veritas Interpretations of the standards
  • Implementation and operation requirements
  • Auditor expectations (what the auditor will be looking for)
  • Information on the framework for the ISO standards and system integration with other standards
  • Leadership and commitment for the integrated management system
  • Actions to address risks and opportunities
  • Exercises to reinforce newly learned skills

Course dates

Start Date End date Info
2/7/2024 08:00 AM 2/9/2024 05:00 PM Add To Cart
5/20/2024 08:00 AM 5/22/2024 05:00 PM Add To Cart