Access Control Awareness Part I CS/002/01



  • Learning the access control basics
  • Understanding the access control challenges
  • Understanding authentication factors and multi-factor authentication.
  • Developing access control policies and procedures
  • Learning about access control models
  • Learning about principles of access controls and types of access controls

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Who the course is for

This course is designed for every employee, including management personnel

Course Contents

Who should access your company’s data? How do you make sure that only authorized and authenticated users access the data?

Cyber Security starts with effective control over access to the information systems. Access control is an important security issue for businesses of all sizes. From the largest corporations employing specialized security controls to the salesperson on a service call opening their smartphone with a thumbprint, everyone encounters access control at some time during their workday.

Users will learn how access control prevents unauthorized access, protects the company from loss of data, and protects employees and customers from outside threats. The course includes access control knowledge test as users progresses through the training.

The experienced, as well as inexperienced users of information systems will learn the basics and concepts of access control and its importance. The tools and techniques shared can be implemented in the access management process.