ASME Live Virtual Class - Why Division 2 Should Be In Your Future



There are manymanufacturers currently constructing pressure vessels under the rules ofSection VIII, Division 1 who could benefit from shifting their production toSection VIII, Division 2. Frequently we hear about additional costs anddifficulties. The intent of this seminar is to resolve some lingeringperceptions of increased costs and complexities when using Division 2. Througha brief history of its origins and evolution through the years, and apresentation of objective comparisons between Division 1 and Division 2, wehope to demonstrate how easily such a transition could be implemented, and showthe potential competitive advantages in doing so.

Who the course is for

This course is for Manufacturers and Engineers who want to gain a better understanding of how Section VIII, Division 2 is used, how it differs from Section VIII, Division 1, and where Division 2 certification provides production advantages and opportunities. 

Course Contents

A basic introduction into Section VIII, Division 2 with an emphasis of how it differs from Section VIII, Division 1 and why. We will explore the origin of Division 2, it evolution since its introduction, and look at a side by side design comparison between Division 1 and 2 to see where the real differences are, and where the greatest advantages of its use may be. There will be a live Q & A session following the presentation. 

The course will begin at 1 PM EST and will last for 3 Hours with the live Q & A at the end of the presentation. Confirmed Attendees will receive a Zoom Link shortly after registration is complete. 

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