ASME Section VIII, Division 1 - In Person Class



  • Knowing elements related to requirements for a pressure vessel
  • Understanding the material requirements and where to find them in the code
  • How to determine allowable stress
  • Applying proper variables to the design formulas
  • Recognizing toughness requirements and exemptions
  • Determining post-weld heat treatment requirements and exemptions
  • Use of Appendix 46 to apply Division 2 design formulas to Division 1 vessels
  • Understanding and applying the design competency rules of Appendix 47
  • Know Hydrostatic testing requirements

Who the course is for

Manufacturers, users, owners,constructors, designers and others concerned with the design, fabrication,assembly, erection, examination, inspection, testing and certification of pressurevessels. 

Course Contents

Throughactivity-based instruction, this course described ASMEpolicies, design, including cylindrical components under internal and externalpressure, head calculations, and reinforcement of openings. Topics on materialsinclude a general overview of code requirements and details on calculatingminimum design metal temperatures and applying post-weld heat treatments.


Course dates

Start Date End date City Info
10/3/2022 08:00 AM 10/5/2022 05:00 PM Denver (Aurora, CO) Add To Cart
10/17/2022 08:00 AM 10/19/2022 05:00 PM Baton Rouge Add To Cart
11/14/2022 08:00 AM 11/16/2022 05:00 PM Dallas Add To Cart