ASME Section VIII, Division 1 General Overview - Live Virtual Class (5 Day)



  • Knowing elements related to requirements for a pressure vessel
  • Understanding the material requirements and where to find them in the code
  • How to determine allowable stress
  • Applying proper variables to the design formulas
  • Recognizing toughness requirements and exemptions
  • Determining post-weld heat treatment requirements and exemptions
  • Use of Appendix 46 to apply Division 2 design formulas to Division 1 vessels
  • Understanding and applying the design competency rules of Appendix 47
  • Know Hydrostatic testing requirements

Who the course is for

Manufacturers, users, owners, constructors, designers and others concerned with the design, fabrication, assembly, erection, examination, inspection, testing and certification of pressure vessels.

Course Contents

Through activity-based instruction, this course describes ASME policies, design, including cylindrical components under internal and external pressure, head calculations, and reinforcement of openings. Topics on materials include a general overview of code requirements and details on calculating minimum design metal temperatures and applying post weld heat treatments.

This will be a five day course consisting of five (5) five hour days. The course is live and will start at 9:00 AM EST and will end around 3:00 PM EST. Note: Attendees must pay in advance to receive the meeting link.

Monday - Friday (Eastern Standard Time) Note: Break and Lunch times subject to change at instructor discretion. 

  9:00 AM Start
10:15 AM Break (15 minutes)
12:00 PM Lunch (45 minutes)
  1:30 PM Break (15 minutes)
  3:00 PM End

A Certificate of Attendance with professional development hours (PDH) is issued to all attendees who are present for the sessions. 

SCHEDULED INSTRUCTORS - One of the following instructors will teach Courses:


John P. Swezy, Jr. 

Mr. Swezy has over 45 years of experience in electrical generation plants and associated engineering auxiliary systems, and over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing detailed procedures, work instructions, and QC programs for design, welded fabrication, repairs, and alterations of pressure equipment following ASME, B31, NBIC, API, DOT and various International Codes and Standards. Additionally, John has extensive practical experience with vessel design, nondestructive examination, and welding technology. John has been a member of various ASME Codes & Standards Committees since 1996. He has 30years of experience as a National Board Commissioned Authorized Inspector and Inspector Supervisor. He is widely recognized for expertise with the ASME Code rules of Section VIII, Divisions 1 and 2 as they apply to design, fabrication, toughness, and examination of pressure vessels. He is the former Chair of the Subgroups on Toughness and Fabrication and Examination and a member of the Standards Committee for Pressure Vessels. John is also a member of the Standards Committee for Welding, Brazing, and Fusing, and a member of ASMEB31.3 Process Piping Committee. He is a former Chair of the B31 Fabrication and Examination Technical Committee. John earned the ASME Dedicated Service Award in 2013 and became an ASME Fellow in September 2019.

Paul Shanks

Paul has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and 15 years’ experience in the pressure equipment industry. Paul has designed pressure vessels for use in the pharmaceutical industry, and heat exchangers. He also worked to support the British Navy’s Nuclear Submarine program designing components and developing facility capability, and spent time as a manufacturing engineer developing and sharing best practices on the cutting edge of welding and vessel fabrication technology. Paul is a National Board Commissioned Authorized Inspector who primarily works in the technical division of our home office to provide support our clients, and inspectors on all ASME and NBIC subject matters. Paul has attended and participated in NB and ASME committee meetings since 2017.

Stacey Marks ,P.E., C.W.I

Stacey has over 30 years of experience working with welding and pressure vessel codes including5 years at a NDE lab certifying welders through mechanical testing, and 25years working for a global pressure vessel manufacturer producing over 4,000ASME U-stamped vessels a year. During her tenure at the manufacturing company, she held roles of Quality Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Quality Manager. She has successfully written and implemented ASME and PED QC programs for the manufacturing and repair of pressure vessels. Stacey is a Professional Engineer and a Certified Welding Inspector and has extensive practical experience with Section VIII construction and Section IX welding & supervision. She recently passed the National Board Authorized Inspector exam. Stacey has participated in the ASME and NB Codes & Standards Committees since 2013.She is a member of both the ASME Standards Committee for Pressure Vessels, and the ASME Standards Committee for Welding, Brazing, and Fusing. She is Chair of Section VIII sub-group Fabrication & Examination, and Chair of Section IX sub-group Brazing. In addition to her expertise with the ASME Codes, she has an easy going style and an ability to communicate and explain the code in a simplified manner. 


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