Competency Assessor - 3 days, 2.5 CEUs



  • To be able to explain the relationship between learning and competency. 
  • Demonstrate the use and isolation of the senses used during a competency assessment.
  • Develop a competency assessment package that consist of a competency map and the four required competency pillars. 
  • Competency Alert System
  • System and Process
  • Strategies for reducing nonconformance issues with early warning indicators
  • Measure and promote employees’ Social-emotional learning skills
  • Strategies for improving social-emotional learning with early warning indicators (Risk Scores)

Who the course is for

This course is intended for personnel who are responsible for designing and implementing competency programs, or personnel who have been assigned to conduct competency assessments. In addition supervisors, leads, instructors, trainers, facilitators and coaches would highly benefit from this program.  

Course Contents

This course was designed to qualify individuals to work with competency assessment and to perform as an assessor in various assessment situations. The objective of the training is to familiarize the participants with the conceptual, scientific, and practical foundation of this technique.  This program covered the psychology rules of learning; the competency assessment process, including observation skills, interview techniques, competency testing, interpreting competency results, and how to utilize competency alert systems.

This program uses the latest teaching methodologies for ensuring each participant learns how to conduct effective assessments, including how to utilize the five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste) independently and in combination and how to apply them during an assessment. 
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