API Q2 Refresher Course - 4 hours, 0.4 CEU



  • Recite the Service Execution Cycle and its importance and applicability to the API Q2 Specification.
  • Restate the revised controls and changes to the specification.
  • Demonstrate application of the updated models, controls and requirements by completing the practical application activities in the course.

Who the course is for

This course is required every 5 years for any person who has obtained an Accredited API Q2 essentials, API Q2 Professional or API Q2 TALA Auditor credential. In order to take this course you must have a Registered Professional Number (RPN) and the accredited IACET CEUs. Upon completion this course will renew your credentials for 5 years.

Course Contents

The refresher is half-day and covers all the new models, including the highly coveted Service Execution Cycle, which teaches participants how to implement and assess the most critical elements of the specification. The program has been designed to both refresh and enhances the participant's knowledge. Upon completion, you will have a deeper understanding of the linkages and dependencies of the specification and more importantly, you will review and work NEW Models (Organizational Capability, Competency, Planning, Risk, Service Design, Service Quality Plans, Legal & Other Matrix) that have been developed and implemented over the past five years that will add value to your organization while enhancing your knowledge.
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