API Q2 Professional - 5 days, 4.0 CEUs



  • Summarize an overview of the history and background of API Spec Q2
  • Define key terminology, the relation of the vocabulary to the specification, and allowable exclusions.
  • Describe the basic requirements of a management system
  • Describe the elements of section 5 of API Spec Q2
  • Describe the focus of customer satisfaction as it relates to API Spec Q2
  • Demonstrate the risk management process and communication requirements
  • Describe service related contingency planning
  • Demonstrate the documentation and customer notification requirements of a MOC

Who the course is for

This course is intended for personnel who require additional knowledge and application for the API Q2 specification. It is intended for all personnel who have responsibility to implement or manage a portion of their internal management system or work processes. The following functions benefit from this course: Quality, Training and Auditing . The following functions would also benefit from this course: Human Resources, Demand Management (Planning); Finance; HSE; Quality; Engineering; Contracts; Sales & Commercial; Business Development; Training Department; Managers, Supervisors and Leads.

Course Contents

This course was designed to meet the needs of both Operators and Service Providers and covers all requirements of the API Q2 specification, including the intent and application. In addition, it covers the critical clauses and controls, teaching service providers how to properly develop, deploy, implement, and sustain the specification and operators how to review and audit for maximum effectiveness. In this course, we discuss the fundamentals and thoroughly examine the key controls within the standard and how to apply them to eliminate risk while improving operations. This program has more than twenty advanced practical applications based around the following industry models: Service Execution Model™; Service Quality Risk Assessments; The Service Execution Planning Model; Service Design Model and we teach four different types of Service Quality Plans (SQPs). No other program offers and of these models or ties the specification to an actual application that results in the reduction of NPT and improvement in safety performance. This course includes a detailed explanation of the internal linkages and dependencies that are built into the specification and include actual case studies, real-world implementation examples.
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