API Q2 Essentials & Auditor - 5 days, 4.0 CEUs



  • Summarize an overview of the history and background of API Spec Q2
  • Define key terminology, the relation of the vocabulary to the specification, and allowable exclusions
  • Describe the basic requirements of a management system
  • Describe the elements of section 5 of API Spec Q2
  • Describe the focus of customer satisfaction as it relates to API Spec Q2
  • Summarize an overview of the history and background of API Spec Q2
  • Demonstrate familiarization with the Specification
  • Identify required inputs to the Service Quality Plan
  • Explain the meaning of new requirements in the Specification
  • Discuss what does and does not qualify for an exclusion
  • Conduct an API Q2 Stage 2 audit
  • Identify the purpose of the API Q2 Technical Application for Lead Auditor

Who the course is for

This course is intended for personnel who participate on internal or external audits and who are new to auditing. This course teaches all the auditor essentials as well as the API Q2 specification, including the important linkages and dependencies for audit purposes. Upon completion you obtain both your API Q2 Specification Credentials and your Auditor Credentials. This course is recommended for new auditors, regardless of how much experience they have in the Industry.

Course Contents

This course was developed to help participants understand the intent and application of API Q2 to include developing, implementing and sustaining a compliant management system. In addition, participants will not only learn the requirements of the specification but learn how to apply them through practical application activities that are relevant to their career goals. This course provides participants with an in-depth understanding, knowledge, and skills needed to carry out successful internal & external audits for all industry segments. The latest methodologies, practices, and techniques are utilized, including practical application.
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