API Q1 Essentials - 3 days, 2.5 CEUs



  • Summarize an overview of the history and background of API Spec Q1.4
  • Define key terminology, the relation of the vocabulary to the specification, and allowable exclusions.
  • Describe the basic requirements of a management system.
  • Describe the realization planning requirements.
  • Describe the focus of customer satisfaction as it relates to API Spec Q1.

Who the course is for

This program is designed for anyone who has a responsibility to deploy, implement or maintain their management systems, to include support functions and operations.

Course Contents

The course covers the entire Q1 Body of Knowledge (BOK), including:

  • scope;
  • exclusion;
  • documentation;
  • organizational resource requirements;
  • contract review,
  • planning,
  • risk management,
  • design & development,
  • contingency,
  • procurement,
  • product realization,
  • calibration,
  • product release,
  • nonconformance’s management of change,
  • internal audits,
  • management review, etc.
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