Quality Management Systems (QMS - ISO 9001:2015) Lead Auditor (PR328) - Public



To provide delegates with a detailed understanding of the requirements for the standard and how the system is audited within an organisation and to ensure delegates are capable of and have the expertise to undertake audits against the standard.

Who the course is for

Those with responsibility for undertaking quality audits against a formal quality management system (QMS):

• Quality & Systems Managers

• Process Improvement Managers

• Consultants

Course Contents

• Introduction to Quality - Scope and Elements of ISO 9001:2015

• Purpose and Scope of an Audit

• Skills and Qualities of an Auditor

• Planning an Audit

• The Purpose of the Quality Manual

• The Role of the Checklists

Organising an Opening and Closing Meeting

• Performing an Audit and Recording Non-Conformities

• Auditing Reports

• Evaluating Corrective Action

• Continuing Assessment

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