Introduction to the Nuclear Quality Management Standard ISO 19443:2018



  • To understand the domain of application and standard vocabulary.
  • To discover ISO 19443 requirements complementing those from ISO 9001.
  • To understand its added value

Who the course is for

Anyone from Organization supplying products and services important to nuclear safety. Also, for anyone with knowledge of quality management and, if possible, of the nuclear energy sector. 

Course Contents

  • Introduction, context and generalities: Origin, field of application, structure, definitions.
  • Presentation of the main requirements of the ISO19443 standard:
 - Concepts related to the importance to nuclear safety and the graded approach to requirements,
 - leadership and nuclear safety culture,
 - Use of commercial grade items (CGI),
 - Treatment of counterfeit, fraudulent or suspicious items (CFSI),
 - Additional requirements to ISO 9001, particularly for:
       -Risk control,
       -Scheduling, resources and skills, documented information,
       -Operational realization (design, purchasing & production),
       -Management of non-conformities.
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