An Introduction to Allergens & ‘Natasha’s Law’



By the end of this course the learner should understand the following;

  • Understand the requirements of Natasha’s Law
  • Foods that falls within the Prepacked for Direct Sale requirements
  • What the food label should include to enable the customer to make an informed decision

Who the course is for

This course is split into three parts.

  • The first part is aimed at anyone who would like to refresh their knowledge of the current legal allergens
  • The second to increase awareness around the upcoming legal changes to allergen management for businesses relating to Natasha’s Law.
  • The third part will test your knowledge

Course Contents

             Part 1

  • 14 Legal Allergen
  • Symptoms of Food Allergy
  • What happens when food businesses get it wrong                

             Part 2

  • Intro Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS): Definitions, why 'Natasha's Law' is required, legal framework 
  • Examples of food within and outside PPDS Legislation
  • Labelling requirement of Prepacked for Direct Sale Food 
  • Label examples 
  • Practical consideration for labelling PPDS Foods
  • Product exemptions - not requiring Prepacked for Direct Sale Label
  • Potential pitfalls and errors made for PPDS labelling 

   Part 3

  • Test your knowledge