Quality Management - Customer Satisfaction (based on ISO 10001, 10002)



This training course is designed to assist certified organisations in the organizational framework for: • Decision-making and action to use in code planning, design, development, implementation, maintenance and improvement. • The organization’s processes related to customer satisfaction - code of conduct, complaint handling and external dispute resolution. • ISO 10001 : 2007 ‘Quality management — Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations • ISO 10002 : 2004 Quality management-— Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations • ISO 10003 : 2007 Quality management— Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for dispute resolution external to organizations

Who the course is for

This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining a compliant and successful Quality management system - Customer Satisfaction

Course Contents

• Understand and outline the structure and content of Inter- relationship of ISO 10001, ISO 10002 and ISO 10003 • A customer satisfaction code of conduct consists of promises and related provisions that address issues such as product delivery, product returns, handling of personal information of customers, advertising and stipulations concerning particular attributes of a product or its performance). A customer satisfaction code of conduct can be part of an effective approach to complaints management. This involves: a) Complaints prevention, by making use of an appropriate customer satisfaction code of conduct; be part of an effective approach to complaints management. b) Internal complaints handling, for instances when expressions of dissatisfaction are received; c) External dispute resolution, for situations in which complaints cannot be satisfactorily dealt with internally. • Understand and explain the specific quality management- related requirements of customer satisfaction.

Course dates

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11/7/2022 09:00 AM 11/7/2022 05:00 PM Add To Cart