Basic Food Hygiene Training



At the conclusion of this course delegates will be able to:• Understand the purpose of a Good Hygiene Practices; • Understand basic concepts of Best Hygiene Practices;• Understand Reasons for Food poisoning;• Understand and be able to explain the benefits of Good Hygiene Practices in accordance with Municipality requirements;• Local Food Safety Legislations to ensure Good Hygiene practices;• Understand the importance of temperature controls;• Understand the Cost of poor hygiene;• Understand the Benefits of Good Hygiene practices;• Understand Ten reasons for Food Poisoning;• Understand the Importance of pest control;• Understand the importance of cleaning;

Who the course is for

For all professionals who are involved in the food business as food handlers/employees with direct contact with food like the chefs, cooks, storekeepers, drivers, service crew etc.

Course Contents

It is a highly interactive course that will involve the following areas• Hygiene foundation• Local legislation for food hygiene• Hazards• Safe & Danger zone temperatures• Hazards-Microbiological, chemicals & physical• Cost of poor hygiene• Benefits of Good Hygiene practices• Food poisoning• Food Poisoning bacteria & Food borne diseases• Chain of infection• Contaminations• Personal Hygiene• Refrigerator rules• Temperature requirements- Cooking, cooling, blast chilling, reheating and cold /hot holding • Rule for thawing poultry• Cleaning & disinfection• Pest control• Ten main reasons for Food poisoning

Course dates

Start Date End date Info
8/2/2022 09:00 AM 8/2/2022 05:00 PM Add To Cart
10/4/2022 09:00 AM 10/4/2022 05:00 PM Add To Cart
12/7/2022 09:00 AM 12/7/2022 05:00 PM Add To Cart